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Where to Find Your Hidden Diamonds

July 7, 2017

I like the centuries-old story some call “Acres of Diamonds?” A wealthy, content farmer learns about diamonds and then considers himself poor because he has none. He sells his farm and goes searching for diamonds. When he fails to find any, he casts himself into the sea, dejected. Back on what was the man’s farm, the new owner finds a sparkling stone in a stream running through the land. The new owner digs and digs, and finds acres of diamonds.

You know the moral: Look around you before you go off in hopes of fulfilling your dreams elsewhere.… Read the rest

Growing with a Rollup Strategy

July 6, 2017

A business can grow in many ways. The classic model is organic growth: Grow your sales, grow your marketing over time, and do more and more with your business. But that traditional model doesn’t always work so well. Sometimes you need to do something else. That’s where mergers and acquisitions can be a valuable tool.

If you excel at mergers and acquisitions repeatedly, you can do what’s called a “rollup.” A rollup is a tool that is rarely used but can be extremely valuable to unlock growth.Read the rest

3 Real-World Tips for Protecting Intellectual Property

July 5, 2017

A quick quiz over company branding. What comes to mind when I say, “Swoosh?” When I say, “Arches?”

Intellectual property – the work or design that results from creativity – is valuable to businesses, and not just giants like Nike with its swoosh and McDonald’s with its golden arches. In the professional speaking world where I spend a lot of time, speakers develop catch phrases, systems, processes, and ways of analyzing information.  So much of businesses these days is related to intellectual property.… Read the rest

3 Tips for Selling a Minority Interest in Your Business

July 3, 2017

Sometimes it seems the best strategy for your business is to bring in an investor with a minority interest. Perhaps the investor provides much-needed capital or a service you want to keep. But giving up interest in your company – even a non-controlling share – can be difficult.

As I’ve covered in a previous blog, under the law, the minority investor typically is a fiduciary duty. The managers who control the business must do so in a way that is best for all the owners.… Read the rest

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