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Changing From an LLC to a C-Corp

October 25, 2018

A writer on a forum recently asked me how you change from an LLC to an C-Corp. (Which is just a corporation that is taxed as a corporation and hasn’t elected, under the tax code, to be taxed as an “S” Corporation).

It seems they want more equity owners and think this is the answer.

Now I am not sure why the change is need as a well written LLC Agreement could allow for a large and diverse ownership base. Arguably, depending on the state of formation, you may have more possible structures for ownership with an LLC over a C-Corp.… Read the rest

Who gets to decide what your contract means?

October 12, 2018

In the event of a dispute it’ll usually be given to a judge and/or jury to place meaning on the terms of your contract.

And under the law of most states the judge and jury will first look at the terms within the contract. If they look at the contract and think they know what it means based on their review their inquiry usually ends.

Why is this so important?

You want to make contract terms so clear that even a third grader can understand them.Read the rest

California to Require Women on Public Company Boards

October 1, 2018

California will now require publicly traded companies headquartered in California to place women on their board.

While I am a big supporter of women in business I think legislating quotas of how many women should be on a board is a bad move. There are very strong economic reasons to do put women in leaderships – but forcing it is only going to cause a second guessing. And companies are going to have to do it to comply (with resentment) rather than for seeing it to be the right thing to do.Read the rest

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