As businesses grow and evolve, it's not uncommon for partners to get into disputes with one another. Unfortunately, they end up disagreeing about the future of the business, its direction, and where it wants to go. We work with our clients when the partners get into disputes. We often represent one partner or the business when there's a disagreement among the partners and our goal is always to keep the value protected and to move the business forward.

The disputes are unfortunate, and there are many reasons for them. Sometimes it's a disagreement about the future direction of the company or somebody's actions or a common misunderstanding. Regardless of the reason for the dispute, we work with our clients to assess the situation, to learn what's going on, to understand each side’s needs, and to talk about possible solutions and ways that we can keep the business moving forward. We want to make sure that even though the partners have gotten into a dispute, that we don't end up in lengthy litigation or other processes. We want to get the dispute ended. We want to get everybody back on the same page, and we want to keep the business moving forward.

We can work with our clients on working through the partnership dispute process, to maximize the chances of a successful outcome, and to protect and grow the value of the business.

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“We know we are being well represented when we turn our legal matters over to R. Shawn McBride. Thank You!”
David Jacobs | President/CEO, Sign-Awn Supply, Inc.
“Shawn’s insight and responsiveness are second to none.”
Bob Pikna | CEO, Agora Worldwide
“His noteworthy ability to convey legal strategy in understandable and meaningful terms empowers clients to act in a way that protects them legally and positively promotes their business and personal goals. An advisor of this caliber is a treasure.”
Lin O’Neil | Consultant, Lead Faculty at Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business – Dallas, Former Board of Directors, Continental Airlines
“While reviewing the opposing party’s financial records Shawn uncovered a fraudulent transfer of assets by the opposing party. Consequently the case settled for a seven figure amount that was approximately four times what we originally anticipated.”
Richard Mann | Ted Lyon & Associates
“The legal services provided us is one of a partner not just a vendor, being efficient, timely, thoughtful and meticulous. Thank you for providing such a capable resource of legal services.”
Steven D. Dalrymple | CSJr Associates


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