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Covenant Not To Compete When Buying or Selling a Business (Part II)

June 28, 2016

California: It All Comes Down to Goodwill.

Generally speaking, non-competes are void under California law.[1]  Exceptions do exist.  In the context of the sale of goodwill in a business, for example, the seller may agree not to compete with the buyer so long as the buyer carries on a like business.[2]  This makes sense because it would be unfair for the seller to engage in a competitive business that diminishes the value of the business sold.  So how does this work in practice?… Read the rest

Covenant Not To Compete When Buying or Selling a Business (Part I)

June 16, 2016

If your business employs skilled workers, or you have been one, you may be familiar with non-compete agreement, also known as covenant not to compete.  For those who are less familiar with the subject, it is a contractual provision under which one party agrees not to compete in the same business, usually for a specific time period and/or in a defined geographic area.  For example, in the context of employment, an employee may sign an employment agreement and agree not to work for a competitor of the employer for, say, three years after termination of the employment. … Read the rest

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