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Can I Be Held Liable As Partner When in Fact I Am Not? (Part 3)

October 22, 2015

Branscome v. Schoneweis.

In Branscome v. Schoneweis, Schoneweis and Woodrum, brothers-in-law, were associated in the operation of a livestockyard called Tallula Cattle Company (“Tallula”).[1] Schoneweis was the owner (providing the initial working capital) and Woodrum was the manager (entitled to an equal share of commissions on the sale of all cattle) of the livestockyard (market agency business), while at the same time, both men continued as individuals in the business of buying and selling livestock in commerce (dealer business).… Read the rest

Can I Be Held Liable as Partner When in Fact I Am Not? (Part 2)

October 17, 2015

Cox Enterprises, Inc. v. Filip.

In Cox Enterprises, Inc. v. Filip, Filip was owner of Trans Texas Properties and Elliott was not. [1] One of its employees filled out a credit application to obtain newspaper advertising services for the business and falsely listed Elliott as an owner.[2] The employee had no authority to make such representation and Elliott did not hold himself out to the advertising company as having any ownership interest.[3] The advertising company relied on the employee’s representation that Elliott was an owner and rendered its services to the business on credit, but made no effort to verify the accuracy of the representation.… Read the rest

Can I Be Held Liable as Partner When in Fact I Am Not? (Part 1)

October 13, 2015

Partnership by Estoppel.

We often hear the word “partner” thrown around to refer to a variety of business relationships—co-owners, collaborators, coworkers, business associates, and even suppliers and customers . . . you name it.  As we explained in our previous blog series on general partnership (available here), it is not the label, but the intent to do what in law constitutes a partnership (e.g., agreement to share profits, right to participate in control of the business, etc.), that controls the question of whether there is a general partnership. … Read the rest

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