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Crowdfunding Gone Wrong: Some Points of Caution SEC Investor Alert: Ascenergy LLC Oil and Gas Crowdfunding Scheme

January 19, 2016

We’ve covered crowdfunding extensively in our previous posts “Crowdfunding: Is It Right for My Business,” “Is It Time To Do Crowdfunding To Raise Money?: SEC Releases Federal Crowdfunding Rules,” and “An Easy Way for Texas Companies To Raise Money? A Discussion of the Texas Crowdfunding Exemption.” As crowdfunding gains popularity, not only has it proved to be a process of trial and error (see, for example, our previous posts “Eureeca: A Cautionary Tale on How Not To Do Crowdfunding” and “Update on Eureeca Capital”), but schemes to defraud unsophisticated investors with the allure of crowdfunding also seem to have been on the rise.… Read the rest

Update on Eureeca Capital

August 11, 2015

In our previous posts on Eureeca Capital (available here and here), we looked at Eureeca’s ill-fated attempt to operate a crowdfunding platform in the U.S. as a cautionary tale on how not to conduct an exempt offering.[1]  We mentioned that, in anticipation of the institution of the SEC proceedings, Eureeca undertook voluntary remedial actions and submitted an offer of settlement to the agency, including civil penalties of $25,000, which the SEC determined to accept.  We also mentioned that Eureeca’s website now features a prominent disclaimer and information page that provides information about what constitutes “U.S.… Read the rest

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